Meet Ally


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Hi! My name is Ally, B.A., LMT (# 20600). I am a graduate of Lane Community College Massage Program. I became interested in massage therapy as a profession as a teenager. I use to set up  a “massage room” and have my siblings come in as my “clients” and give them massages. After high school I decided to pursue a degree in Spanish at the University of Oregon. I was planning on becoming a teacher, although becoming a massage therapist was still in the back of my mind. After college I was working at a preschool and had decided that teaching was no longer a path I was interested in pursuing. A coworker had asked me  “Tomorrow, if you no longer had this job what would you be doing?” without hesitation I said ” I would go back to school to become a massage therapist”. I thought what am I waiting for if I am unhappy in my current job? Later that night I went home and registered for massage school! I enjoy being in a profession where I can help people feel better and put a smile on their face. My focus in massage is injury recovery and pain relief. I also work two afternoons a week at a local physical therapy office as a physical therapy aid. In my free time I love to travel with my husband, photography, gardening and hang out with my cat!

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Located at 1551 Oak St. Suite E in Eugene