Invest in your health!

In our busy lives fast paced lives, it is easy to forget about self care. It important to take time to focus on our health. Massage is a great addition to almost any wellness plan and has countless benefits including pain relief, stress management, immune support and more.

Every week clients come to me telling me about their pain and how they have tolerated it for too long, hoping it would “magically” disappear. They wish they would have come in earlier. While one massage treatment is great, regular massage can help manage pain even more effectively. It gives the therapist more time to focus on problem area, increase range of motion and blood flow and helps to continue your healing process.

I have decided to try a program that would REWARD YOU FOR CARING FOR YOURSELF REGULARLY. I will sell package deals to encourage people to get massages more regularly. (And you get a discount in the process.)

3 massages normally $180 now $165 (Savings of $15)
5 massages normally $300 now $250 (savings of $50)
10 massages normally $600 now $450 (savings of $150)

-If this is a burden for you to pay up front, we may be able to arrange payment plan if you are coming in regularly.

-Packages are transferable to friends/ family.